Drowning in post-it notes? Don’t let your workload get on top of you, we have a few solutions.

Is there such thing as excellent time management? Even the most successful entrepreneurs can make decisions that cost them time, time in which could have been better spent elsewhere however we must not think ‘what if’ but more ‘next time’.


  1. Don’t be a Hero.

We must accept that we will never get as much done as we would like too on our average working day, so try not to do too much overtime or put too much pressure on yourself to tick boxes by the end of the day.

TMT Top tip:  Delegate certain days to complete certain bigger tasks and try breaking them down into smaller sections to set mini milestones.


  1. Get your Beauty Sleep.

We all work best when we’re well rested, getting that well needed rest will help you have a clearer mind when starting your day which will help you thrive with day to day tasks, you will feel like you’re getting jobs done which will make you feel positive.

TMT Top tip: If you’re a night owl, try taking regular short breaks from your computer.


  1. Try and avoid Interruptions

Many of us check our devices throughout the day for social media and emails possibly more than needed. A way of avoiding feeling the need to check these is allocating time slots to check things like this.

TMT Top tip: Try only checking your personal social medias during your lunch break to avoid diverting attention and wasting time. Allow time to go through your emails and organise priority – remember not to put that pressure on yourself to get things done and set unrealistic targets.


  1. Prioritise

Prioritising your workload will help you in many ways, such as organisational skills, positivity because you’re getting things done and knowing where you have free time to take on anything else, but sometimes we can struggle to prioritise which is most important if we are very busy,

TMT Top tip: If you are struggling to decide what to prioritise try setting dates or times for when these tasks need to done by to meet deadlines, then prioritise from here.


  1. Get organised

It is important to keep a diary, make to do lists and use paper and pen, sometimes we ‘mentally’ take notes but it is very likely we will forget. Make sure to always organise your documents and know where to find them, don’t just shove them on your desktop, this will save you a lot of time trying to locate documents.

TMT  Top tip: Follow up phone calls with emails and use this to refresh your memory when coming back to this subject.