Dislike exams, classrooms and assignments? The benefits of overcoming these dislikes are endless…

Many of us are ‘put off’ furthering our knowledge in our sectors because we have a certain persona of educational surroundings such as classrooms, exams and assignments, nowadays the way teachers and assessors help us gain qualifications has changed, it’s a lot more flexible than you think.


Carer Progression

By choosing the right course/qualification for you preferably ideal for your current job role it will enable you to progress in your career, by gathering all this knowledge you will gain from furthering your education you will be recognised for this and will be able to climb that career ladder in no time. If you like where you are currently at in your career, it is still useful to go on a course to provide you with the skills you recognise you are missing or become more confident within your job role.


Confident, competent and knowledgeable in your sector

You will gain skills that you didn’t even think you would need, even some of the most experienced managers require coaching or leadership training at some point in their career as we are constantly faced with new challenges within the workplace and to be the best we can at any role we must continue to learn and develop ourselves.



You will gain a wealth of experience whilst studying as some qualifications such as Apprenticeships allow you to study within the workplace alongside others, which enable you to learn and develop with others. Other courses that Tempest Management Training offer also involve learners to learn amongst other as well as individually by organising workshops for learners to allow you to bounce of thoughts and ideas with others.


Improving discipline

Whilst studying and working and maintaining a social life it can be very tiring and stressful to make time for everything, it may also put many people off wanting to further their education because of these reasons. There can be a positive impact juggling so many things at once, we can start to improve our time management by utilising some of the ‘down time’ to get an assignment done or planning that presentation and it will encourage you to plan you time more effectively.


Secure your future

More experienced, knowledgeable and qualified people or employees with right qualifications tend to have better job security, although not guaranteed. It is very useful to take that extra step in your career and be sure you have the skills to overcome challenges.