Apprenticeships are being noticed as a great route to furthering employee’s knowledge within their current position, and also a great route for individuals wanting a career change but have little or no experience within the field. This is giving employees the opportunity to learn and develop in the workplace and giving them a motivation to thrive in their current position. As your business grows, there will be more opportunities for employees, it is important to develop your team to ensure that you can welcome growth and responsibility.

Why an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are employed work-based training programmes in which apprentices must work with experienced staff, this will lead apprentices to nationally recognised qualifications and/or achievement of an apprenticeship standard. Apprenticeships can take between one to five years to complete, depending on the level of apprenticeship you want to do.

An apprenticeship is a great way to build employees skillsets or develop a skillset, gaining their confidence, knowledge and becoming qualified by learning on the job, developing knowledge off the job and gaining that hands-on practical experience, giving employees an incentive to progress within their position/career, enabling them to feel valued and considered.

Benefits of apprenticeships for employers;

  • Upskill your staff with industry relevant qualifications
  • Drive an increase in productivity
  • Scale your business with the help of an increasingly skilled workforce
  • Offer genuine opportunities for personal development to staff
  • Reduce the cost of qualifications and training
  • Promote long-term loyalty and reduce staff turnover

Now apprenticeships are growing and becoming increasingly popular, there are higher and degree apprenticeships available – which may be a preferred route for your employees if you are looking to develop employees into advanced roles, to become even more specialised and skilled.

Fact: Apprenticeships that are at level 4 – 7 and have high standard of requirements and have very specific tailored learning and development.

Naturally, when we hear the word ‘apprenticeship’ we think of students/younger adults finishing school and going on to do an apprenticeship. However, this is not the case, apprenticeships are for anyone and everyone (as long as the individual is 16 by the start date of the apprenticeship) they are eligible to start an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are considered to be for any age, because they provide the same opportunities whatever age. If you want to improve your employees skill set to benefit your company, then apprenticeships are a great gateway regardless of age.