Sometimes we are faced with challenges at work, such as time management, a full diary for your week ahead, a never-ending to-do list etc. To maintain these things and keep on top of them we need to ensure we are ensuring productivity.

Read on to discover some tips, for ways you can increase your productivity, by motivating yourself to do so.


By organising and planning which tasks are a priority, you will find that you’ll be clear on your next steps and tasks, which will become a motivator, as you will start to feel accomplished and less ‘bogged down’ with a ream of tasks to complete.

Tip: Try starting to think of any upcoming events, calls, meetings or networking and prioritise around these. Time out of the office when you have a lot to do can be difficult, so it is important to take this into consideration. We will also face many interruptions throughout our working day, such as tasks going off track, cold calling, answering emails etc, this is difficult to avoid, so try to accept your plan won’t always go to plan, it may go a little off track sometimes, when this happens – refer to your prioritising plan.


Part of prioritising your tasks, comes with delegation too. It is important to know (especially when you are in a leadership and management position) when to delegate certain tasks. Delegating tasks should benefit your time management and give priority to other tasks that need to be completed, also remembering interruptions, for example if you delegate a task to another colleague they may need training or support.

Tip: Remember not everything can be delegated, sometimes it may be more time efficient to complete the task yourself, on deciding whether you can delegate a task, break this down to determine what skills are required to complete the tasks and have you got somebody available to complete this. If it is an ongoing task you are looking to delegate more frequently, try putting aside some time to train somebody, this will benefit you long term and not just a short term fix.


Some questions to ask yourself when prioritising…

Does this need to be done today/this week?

Can this be tackled differently?

Who can help me do this?

Can somebody else do this?

Can I break this down into smaller tasks?