As an employee, feeling valued is highly important. When an individual within the workplace feels valued you will see heaps of benefits such as, low staff turnover, loyalty to the company, high performance, employees wanting to go that extra mile and respect.

Here are some ways you can connect with your employees to enable them to feel valued;

1. Hold regular appraisals – Appraisals are great for setting goals for employees to better their work performance, which are linked to the business objectives. If there are a lack of appraisals this may result in the employee feeling as though management are not interested in their development and wellbeing and will have a negative impact on the organisation.

2. Regular feedback – Feedback is important as this sets expectation of the individual, if done correctly. It is also important to give specific feedback especially if this is considered as ‘difficult’ feedback to give.

3. Listen to understand rather than listen to respond – When you have those open conversations with employees, listen attentively and show your understanding of what they are communicating to you.

4. Recognition for the daily tasks they do – Along with appraisal and regular feedback, there are ways you can informally give praise. Recognition for doing overtime, coming in early, helping you complete a task, going that extra mile, are all things that if recognised the individual is more likely to want to continue, because of the sense of feeling valued for doing so.

5. Ask for their input, ideas and thoughts – Showing an employee that you value their opinion is a great way of showing them that their thoughts and ideas are welcome and that you value their willingness to have an input which will make them feel empowered and valued.



“I’ve learned that, people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel”

– Maya Angelou