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The 5 benefits of getting back into the office

Going back into the office after a long period of working from home may be a very daunting thought for some. The ongoing global pandemic and introduction of social distancing has been a huge change to what was once our ‘normal lives’. Over the past year we have all had to adapt to different situations, for example wearing a mask in the supermarket or longer queues to get into a shop. We will continue to adapt to our new way of life as we gradually move back into working from our office environment.

Going back into work will have many positive factors but what are the 4 main benefits of getting back in the office?

1. Socialisation

Working from home can be a very lonely atmosphere at times especially if you don’t have to speak to people on a regular basis. Going back into the office will help you stay engaged and connected with your team and wider workforce.

2. Coordination

Office-based work helps teams to stay in regular contact. Workers who are able to see and talk to each other will find it easier to streamline communications which should help avoid any miscommunications.

3. Health and wellbeing

You can safeguard employee’s physical health and it will also improve your colleagues and your own mental and emotional health. By having the confidence to return to work safely.

4. Productivity

Being at home there are potentially more distractions therefore being in an office environment will help you to focus on your workload and get more done in your day.

5. Keeping work and home life separate

It is important to find the right balance between work and home and when your office is based at home sometimes it can be harder to ‘switch off.’ Even if you love your job, it is not healthy to work 24/7 and sometimes it is good to leave things in the office. Being in the same environment all day can constantly remind you of work but really you want to associate home as a space to relax.