Suitable for

Employees ideally should be working in a care setting and could be in any of the following roles; care assistant, manager, team leader, supervisor, key worker, healthcare assistant or support worker



It would be beneficial if the individual(s) work within a health and social care setting

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We are experts in the delivery of Leadership and Mangement, Health and Social Care and Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. We believe that anything can be achieved with hard-work and dedication and we should continue to develop ourselves to thrive in our roles to empower and grow people to become great leaders via leadership and management training to form high performing teams.

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Leadership and Management – Short Courses

The leadership and management in-house tailored training courses are short half-day courses for individuals working in the care sector, who require training for their personal development plan, a re-cap, or to gain some knowledge on effective leadership and management and to more importantly to provide outstanding care to service users.

Benefits for Employers

Offering employees an incentive, such as training for their personal development and to meet organisational objectives, employers will benefit from low staff turnover, motivated and reliable workforce and increased team performances.

As a result of this training we would expect to see Managers and Team Leaders motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating and guiding others within the organisation.

On completion of the workshop, attendees will be presented a certificate awarded by Tempest Management Training.


Training can be deliver in-house or at our offices based in Mansfield


The duration of our short half day courses are 3.5 hours


The cost of each course is £55 per person, plus 20% VAT. We require a minimum of five individuals on our short courses

Many of us are ‘put off’ furthering our knowledge in our sectors because we have a certain persona of educational surroundings such as classrooms, exams and assignments, nowadays the way teachers and assessors help us gain qualifications has changed, it’s a lot more flexible than you think.

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