Clare Howarth

Organisation: Tempest Management Training Ltd
Job Title: Assessor

What I wanted to achieve

I wanted to complete my level 5 – leadership and management in the health and social care sector to further my career, and to open doors to other careers in the industry. My career in the sector started 10 years ago, I completed a degree in Psychology and Social Sciences and I identified that this is the sector that I would like to work in. I started off completing rotas for a small domiciliary organisation, I then moved to another domiciliary organisation and had a variety of roles, and managed 2 teams, I wanted to improve my practice as a manager and develop my knowledge and skills.

What Tempest Management Training did
Tempest Management Training, provided me with the resources I needed to be able to complete my qualification. I had access to work sheets and work books to help me. There were workshops to attend, and this was a great learning experience. My assessor did regular progress reviews with me, which kept me motivated throughout. Alongside this my assessor coached and mentored me throughout my learning process, this was a vital part of my learning journey and this coaching was invaluable.
What we achieved together

Achievement for me was an ongoing process, not just receiving my certificate once I had completed my qualification. Along with developing my knowledge and practice I also worked on self-development techniques and the role I played as a manager. I achieved a great deal through reflective practice, reflection wasn’t one of my strong points before starting my learning journey. My key achievement in completing my qualification was reaching meeting my goal of furthering my career, I am now employed by Tempest Management Training as a trainee assessor.

What I learnt

I have always been very passionate about leaning and self-development. Throughout my time studying for my level 5 I was continuously learning. My management practice was improved greatly, I had the confidence to implement new practices and ways of working. I developed the teams I managed, and passed on to them the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice to them.