Derby City Council

Who am I?

I have been the co-ordinator responsible for finding a learning provider and supporting the learning and assessment process on behalf of the Employer.  I have gathered information I received through feedback from learners, Operational Managers and my own administration colleagues.  I feel that the stability of relationship between Tempest Management Training and Employer is reflected in the learning experience of our learners.

What are my views based upon?

I met with the group of learners working toward their level 5 Diploma.  I sent each learner a copy of a form designed to help learners gather their thoughts in preparation for a group discussion; the form also gave learners the opportunity to offer individual views in writing.  This review took place one month following the five ‘classroom’ learning events.  This was to give time for Learners to settle and spend time with their Assessor.  I was present at the start and finish of each classroom event to troubleshoot any problems and to give opportunity for workers from Tempest and our own Learners to speak about any concerns.  The operational line Manager responsible for this group of learners and I joined the second session for the morning.

What have I observed/been told?

The relationship between each learner and the trainer is individualised and focused on developing the learner.  Written feedback told me how the Trainer/Assessor researched and adapted materials to recognise job role and Employer culture/resources. Other written feedback spoke of trainers using real examples that were easily related to our job roles.  Verbal, written and observational feedback told me that both Margaret and Pete have appropriate knowledge and experience to support the further development of our learners.

In the written feedback learners spoke of Pete Williams and Margaret Tempest being readily contactable and happy to answer questions.  Learners felt informed of the learning and assessment process and supported with their progression both in the classroom and through the Assessment process.

Learners spoke of feedback that was honest, balanced, and enabled them to act upon learning needs. The operational Line Manager was included in the electronic portfolio and engaged with Pete Williams in formal review of learner progress – She has recently told me that she is happy with learner’s progress and that they are being supported to develop further through clearly identified personal development goals.

Early contact through my supporting the Initial Assessments carried out with our learners by Tempest and regular visits to either support the classroom sessions or through general contact in the work place with Learners demonstrated to me how all Tempest workers act to enable Adult Learners to identify any ‘reasonable adaptation’ required to enable full inclusion and involvement on an equal footing.  Margaret and Pete also supported learners to positively manage time and work resources to meet the challenge of stresses from the ‘day job’ and enable learners to maintain momentum through the programme – written and verbal reports spoke to appropriate pacing and not feeling overwhelmed or pressurised  to achieve beyond their ability.

This Group of learners are Managers and have requested that I include Tempest Management Training in any future invitation to tender and provide training for their staff teams.