Karen Hutton

Team Leader Apprenticeship - Level 2

Portland College

Karen Hutton completed her Level 2 Team Leading Apprenticeship while working for Portland College. She wanted to gain a formal and recognised qualification to reflect her knowledge and expertise.

Why did you decide to do your apprenticeship?

“I was approached by Portland College where I currently work to do the Level 2 Team Leading Apprenticeship, I was apprehensive at first to how I was going to juggle working and doing the work for the apprenticeship. I realised that I would gain a qualification that would reflect my knowledge and I would learn new things along the way also.”

What did you learn during your apprenticeship?
“I learnt a lot of techniques during my apprenticeship and how to deal with those difficult situations with people within the workplace. I learnt a lot about myself as there were a lot of self-reflection which was great, as now I can adapt in the workplace. I learnt how to deal with situations better, ways of thinking and strategies. I found it very helpful within my job role!”

Can you tell me any difficulties you faced and how you overcame these?
“Completing the conflict within a team module helped me a lot within my job role and helped with current situations. Apprehensive about how I would juggle work and my apprenticeship, I set days aside to complete work, and attend all workshops to gain as much knowledge as I could.”

“ As part of the apprenticeship I had to complete ICT Functional Skills, I used to shy away from it at work, I had to push myself to do it, it was worth all of the workshops and revision as I am now confident to tackle this type of thing”.

How has completing your apprenticeship made a difference to you in your current job role or going forward?
“I Gained more confidence throughout the apprenticeship and a better outlook on the job knowing that I can now deal with difficult situations better, I used to take on a lot of tasks myself, but now I have learnt how to delegate to others effectively.”

What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

“I’d advise doing an apprenticeship, it gave me more confidence and how to deal with situations that will come up within this type of work. I enjoyed it, I got a lot out of it. Opening your mind to the learning mode again and get your mind working.”