Leah Watkin

Health & Social Care - Level 2

Carers Trust East Midlands

Determined to grow in her career Leah understood the importance of gaining a recognised qualification, alongside hard work, enthusiasm and dedication Leah gained her Level 2 Health & Social Care Apprenticeship and is eager to continue her streak and gain her Level 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship to take on more responsibility in her role and progress.


How has completing your apprenticeship made a difference to you in your current role and looking to future prospects?

“I am now confident enough and eager to start the Level 3 Health & Social Care Apprenticeship, which would be another step closer to achieving my goal to study nursing at University and one day to become a registered nurse”

Did you face any difficulties during the apprenticeship? How did you overcome this?

“During the apprenticeship, alongside other commitments and responsibilities, I struggled to manage my time but my Assessor supported me when I was feeling the pressure which gave me the confidence to carry on and succeed. This has prepared me for the Level 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship.

Although there have been many times that I have struggled to juggle work and my Diploma, whenever I’ve asked for help my assessor supported me 100% and gave me the confidence and encouragement I have needed to get me through this course. I am now looking forward to doing my level 3 in Health & Social Care

Any advice to somebody thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

 “To absolutely go for it, it was very enjoyable to learn and develop and is a big achievement once it is completed.”


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