I really enjoyed the participation exercises and the structure of the workshops were very engaging – the theory was mixed with practical exercises used to good effect and Margaret ensured that all delegates were engaged throughout, regardless of the varying levels of previous experience within the group.

I appreciated the variation across break-out groups (i.e. working with different individuals rather than the same people all the time) which brought new ideas and ways of thinking to the fore. 

I have been coaching for 20 years but the training has reminded me to reflect on each session, consider what worked well and what could be improved, and introduced a range of tools  – some of which I was aware and some new ones – to help me to provide greater structure and outcome from the coaching meetings that I hold.

Margaret kept each session lively and quickly built an excellent rapport with all delegates. which underpinned the success of the programme.  She made each of the sessions very enjoyable as well as informative and productive. Thank you Margaret, for a most enjoyable, productive programme!

David Smith

Innovation Director, Mansfield Innovation Centre

As Apprentice Lead for Nottingham University Hospitals I had tried to facilitate Levy Transfers for at least a year. I tried various system contacts but didn’t get any traction. I then linked in with Claire Poole of Optimum, and attended an event where I spoke to Care Home colleagues about what would be possible. Claire then linked with Tempest Training, one of Optimum’s preferred providers, and things then started to move.

 Tempest have done a lot of the work around facilitating transfers, which has been a great support for me. Apprenticeship work tends to be admin heavy and without Tempest we would not be where we are now. Strong relationships are key to, and in this case it is clear Tempest have great relationships with the Care Homes they provide training to.

 NUH have now been able to commit over £300,000 to Care Homes for training and we are grateful to Tempest for their support to make this happen.

Michelle Place

Chair of the Nottinghamshire Apprentice Leads Group, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust

Carers Trust East Midlands – have been using Tempest training for a number of years to support our field staff with their Level 2 & Level 3.

 We have also used Tempest training to support our operational managers in achieving their Level 5 in Leadership & Management. We had spent so much time concentrating on our field staff that office staff had gotten left behind.   

Members of the SMT completed their leadership and Management training first followed by more operational Managers.  Tempest Training were sympathetic to the concerns many of the staff had about completing the training, mainly because they hadn’t done any in depth training for quite some time. 

Tempest training put together a range of taught workshops to compliment the staffs own study at home/work.  This was very useful and a great support.

Tempest Training engage with us as an organisation, understand our Aims, Objectives and Values and provide a service that fits with these. 

Melanie Wheeler

Head of Regulated Services, Careers Trust East Midlands

Optimum Workforce Leadership (OWL) has worked with Tempest Management Training over the past four years.

The firm was appointed to deliver our Leadership and Management career pathway training which focused on ‘New and Aspiring Managers’, ‘Aspiring Leaders’ and ‘Registered Managers’, delivering courses at levels 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

As the Project Manager for the OWL service, I undertook the training and achieved my Level 5 in Leadership and Management in 2016, which helped me to better understand the needs of the people that I work with, who manage social care settings.

More recently I have achieved my Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate, also with TMT, and I use this to coach and mentor managers in social care and help them to attain their goals.

I have found the team at TMT to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

Claire Poole

Team Manager Workforce Planning and Organisational Development , Nottinghamshire County Council

I have chosen Tempest Management Training because the company is open and approachable. They have supported my staff in their job roles to develop their skills to deliver excellent care. Very well led.

Natascha Scotlz Manager

Valued Living Homecare

The relationship between each learner and the trainer is individualised and focused on developing the learner.  Written feedback told me how Trainer and Assessor researched and adapted materials to recognise job role and Employer culture/resources.

Other written feedback spoke of trainers using real examples that were easily related to our job roles.  Verbal, written and observational feedback told me that both Margaret and Pete have appropriate knowledge and experience to support the further development of our learners.

Margaret and Pete also supported learners to positively manage time and work resources to meet the challenge of stresses from the ‘day job’ and enable learners to maintain momentum through the programme – written and verbal reports spoke to appropriate pacing and not feeling overwhelmed or pressurised  to achieve beyond their ability.

 This Group of learners are Managers and have requested that I include Tempest Training in any future invitation to tender and provide training for their staff teams.

Richard Parfett

Workforce Learning and Development Manager, Derby City Council

As Managing Director of Wren Hall Nursing Home it is vital for me to have a workforce that is knowledgeable, skillful and ‘fit for purpose’. Over the 28 years that I have been in post I have met many training providers. Disappointingly few have been focused on achieving the same outcomes that I require neither have they delivered the minimum of my expectations.

Tempest training is the training provider that I return to – the only one.

Margaret Tempest always rises to the onerous challenges that I request of her and her team. Be it support with funding applications, creating bespoke training programmes, developing staff with significant learning difficulties or straight forward qualifications – Margaret and her team delivers! Margaret does not just deliver, she always exceeds my expectations by enhancing whatever she is delivering so our learners and I are always totally satisfied.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tempest training to any Health and Social care provider or to any Employer seeking Management/Leadership or Coaching training/development.

Anita Astle MBE

Managing Director, Wren Hall Nursing Home

My name is Christine Gould and I work for the home care company Right at home based in West Bridgford Nottingham. I really enjoyed the learning and doing the level 3 as really developed my knowledge in this area as well as backing up the practical care and support I give to the clients I care for. I have been doing care work for 32 years  now and love every minute of making a difference I feel doing the level 3 as enabled me to become more confident within my role and as a person too.

 At times it is easy to become complacent within our roles especially when we have a lot of experience. However it is always important to remember that the people we support rely on us not only to meet their needs but most importantly to keep them safe especially in light of the Covid 19 virus. Doing the level 3 has kept me updated with legislation health and safety, care standards and how I implement all of these within my role. Giving this feedback to you is really important to me as feedback and evaluation enables us to improve in areas should we need too.

Anita as been an amazing assessor, always very approachable and very knowledgeable in her field. Anita as always made herself available to me especially when I have have needed to discuss things in relation to my learning. Anita as always explained things in a way that I can understand and her communication skills are impeccable. Anita as encouraged me to keep myself motivated and committed to completing my qualification. I think Anita deserves a massive congratulations herself, she really cares about her learners is authentic kind, considerate compassionate and as a real heart for wanting to make a difference. I cannot praise her enough and would like to say a really big heartfelt thank you for all her hard work commitment and dedication to her role as an assessor.

You have a fantastic team of people all very professional in their area of expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending to other caregivers the excellent service you provide.

Christine Gould

Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker, Right at Home Nottingham

My name is Lisa and I have recently achieved my level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship. I was at the beginning stages of the course when I found out I was pregnant. I decided to withdraw from the course as I felt I would not manage the workload. After speaking with Denise she fully understood mt fears, doubts and the situation I found myself in. Without Denise’s help continuously from start to finish, I don’t think I could have had the mental strength to finish the work fully, to my best of my abilities. She has provided fantastic teaching suport network as well as being a great mentor and friend. Denise has always gone above and beyond and anyone who is fortunate to work with Denise will indoubtably be happy, confident and reassured that their aims will be achieved.

Lisa Cazaly-Thomas

Level 2 Health and Social Care


The biggest thing that the series of coaching and mentoring achieved for me personally was increased confidence and awareness around my role as Registered Manager. Margaret encouraged me to reflect on my management style and abilities which resulted in increased confidence around my role. This resulted in giving me the confidence to access managers networking meetings and care forums in order to increase my skills and knowledge further.

Dave Wint

Registered Manager, The Oaklands

We are delighted with the attention to detail shown by the trainers in ensuring the training meets our organisation’s needs.

Marion North

Training Manager, Wren Hall

To me Tempest Management Training have been really supportive, my assessor Ryan was just a phone call away. It helped me that I was able to come into Tempest Management Training offices as well as just working in the care home to get my work done with no distractions.

Sheryl Bailey Carer

Level 2

I have started to think differently about questionning, listening and giving feedback and understaning more about how I approach situations.

Lorna Scholfield ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course

Level 5

The exercises were extremely interesting and accurate. Allowed real reflection of my strength and weaknesses.

Manager Leadership & Management

Level 5

I will be keen to use these skills with my learners, rather than advising, I will question in order for them to answer their own questions. I have learnt the importance of listening and questioning, practice and experience in how to coach and the difference between coaching and mentoring.

Clare Howarth ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course

Level 5

I would just like to thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me. You have helped me achieve something that will help me in my future, you are a great teacher and a lovely friendly person, Thank you.

Carer Health & Social Care

Level 2

Denise, has always encouraged me to continue even at times when I was going to give up.

She always tried her best to find ways to make it easier for me to understand and learn.

Carer Health and Social Care

Level 2

I wasn’t the most confident when it came to written work, knowing the answers but not being able to get it down on paper was frustrating, but I pushed myself to strive forward and be successful.

I feel that completing this award has broadened my knowledge and allowed me to put this into practice. I feel more confident in myself and have a positive look on life. I set my standards high when it comes to my job as I believe there isn’t room for error… if you fall behind run faster, never give up never surrender and rise up against the odds.

Many thanks to Ryan my assessor and the Tempest Management Training Team. 

Julie Harrison Team Leading Apprentice

Level 2

The biggest benefit from the level 5 diploma is that I have greatly developed my knowledge and skills to  progress in my career.  

I was new in my job role when I started the level 5 diploma and felt hugely supported by my Mentor, it was a very valuable experience.

Natascha Scotlz Manager, Management Diploma

Level 5

Although there have been many times that I have struggled to juggle work and my diploma, whenever I’ve asked for help, Denise has supported me 100% and gave me the confidence and encouragment I have needed to get me through this course. I genuinly believe if it wasn’t for my assessor being so hands on with me then I wouldnt of been able to finish this. She has given me extra support (papers/websites) to help me with each unit when I’ve needed it and never put me under any pressure. I am now looking forward to do my level 3.

Leah Watkin Health and Social Care

Level 2

This session joined up the dots in my learning as to how I implement my knowledge around a business coaching proposal plan/execution. Feels like I’ve made a life leap

Professional Coach and Mentor Professional Development Programme

Level 5

I have gained much more confidence in coaching and mentoring, for example starting my first session with a client. I have become a lot more self-aware and have noticed areas for inprovement.

I have enjoyed the different models we can utilise as coach annd mentors. I now have the skills to guide others to help improve themselves. 

Katrina Carlsile ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course

Level 5

I’m just emailing to say I have recently just completed my NVQ level 3 my assessor Denise Trueman from Tempest Training was absolutely outstanding she was not only a great support but was there at every meeting she was great to work with.

Carer Health & Social Care

Level 3

I have learnt a lot from this course and I have taken ideas away from it which I am going to use in my everyday tasks as well as mentoring.

I believe I have found ways to better myself as a team leader and a mentor.

Mentoring Workshop

Thanks so much for being the best assessor ever could not have completed without your help.

I have loved doing my level 3 and I’m so thankful I had you as my assessor.

Carer Health & Social Care

Level 3

I have always stated from day one of the course after the very first session that I could not have enjoyed the sessions any more than I have done.

After being very nervous before the first session, as I am typically a lone worker who does not like being with groups of strangers, I was immediately at ease as the group sessions were held in a comfortable and engaging way.

The people in the group and every tutor we encountered could not have been more friendly or professional from start to finish. I felt I was supported at all times and I could not have asked for more. I would (and already have done) recommend this course with this company to anyone!

Apprenticeship Feedback

I’ve done it, passed my NVQ 3 in health and social care, it took longer than we thought it would I say we because my NVQ Assessor was absolutely brilliant.

Denise was always encouraging me telling me that I could do it, it was never too much trouble for her Denise said she was always at the end of a phone and she was.

Denise was always helpful she would explain things in which you would understand. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Denise I would still be doing it now. I enjoyed our meetings and chats Denise made me feel like a friend.

Thank you, Denise, for all your help I really do appreciate everything.

Carer Health & Social Care

Level 3

Enjoyed today massively – feel like I’ve put together all the theory to show how it works in practice, built my confidence that I would be able to provide a coaching service.

Enjoyed working as a team and using other peoples skills – I can take on board how others do things.

Manager Professional Development Programme

Level 5

May I take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you all and especially Paula who is the most wonderful person, she goes above and beyond her job, nothing is too much trouble for her even when she’s not at work, she’s also at the end of a phone.

A very big heart.

Carer Health & Social Care

Level 3

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